12 Plants To Grow In A Greenhouse

12 Plants To Grow In A Greenhouse

A greenhouse is a very convenient thing to have around if you have a passion for growing stuff – regardless if they are decorative or for consumption.

As a beginner in greenhouse gardening, you probably bought your own greenhouse, and are all excited about your purchase – only to realize that you have no idea what to grow in it.

Plants To Grow In A Greenhouse

If you want some tips on how to put your unit to good use, here are 12 plants to grow in a greenhouse that everyone can manage, with a little bit of care and attention.


At least two-thirds of the population will purchase tomatoes from the supermarket only to realize after the first bite that they taste like cardboard.

Sadly, to increase their sales and production, most growers inject their tomatoes with hormones to make them look all nice, big, and juicy – but with no taste.

Tomatoes in greenhouse

If you start growing them on your own in the greenhouse, you can control the environment and allow them to grow naturally – therefore making them keep that juicy “tomatoish” taste.

Plus, tomatoes will grow beautifully when exposed to sunlight, which is why a greenhouse would be the perfect environment for them.


If you want something with an extra dash of longevity, then you might want to try growing some squash.

Squash Grow In A Greenhouse

You can use it in a variety of recipes, and it can be easily grown even if you are limited on space. As long as you maintain your greenhouse clean and pest-free, you should be able to grow squash of all shapes and sizes.


Everyone has probably grown up eating cucumbers in salads, or simply salted and eaten raw. They’re great, low-calorie, and among the best greenhouse plants.

Cucumbers To Grow In A Greenhouse

Sure, growing them is no easy feature, since they can easily lose their freshness after harvesting. Plus, they need certain growing conditions and a lot of sunlight to grow all nice and big – which is why a greenhouse is a perfect environment for them to grow in.


Who doesn’t love peppers? They simply bring color to every dish that you make – and they are also very tasty. Since they don’t take up much space, they’re perfect to be grown in a greenhouse. Not to mention that you can find them in a great variety.

Peppers To Grow In A Greenhouse

Citrus Fruits

Have you noticed how all the fancy palaces have something called an “orangery?” That is basically a greenhouse that you use exclusively to grow oranges.

Well, while you can skip the “build a huge orangery” part, you may still use a decent-sized orangery to grow a couple of citrus trees.

Citrus Fruits To Grow In A Greenhouse

No matter if you are a fan of oranges, melons, or grapefruits, you can enjoy them without the addition of growth hormones. Nothing tastes better than something you grow yourself with utmost care.


Who said that you could only grow edible plants in a greenhouse? Wouldn’t it be amazing to have your own fern garden, if your space allowed it?

The problem is that ferns are pretty tricky to grow – and exposing them to dry air and other temperature changes won’t help either.

Ferns To Grow In A Greenhouse

Ferns need to be pampered and given a sense of stability – which is why you may want to grow them in a greenhouse. This will allow you to control the temperature and humidity level so that they can grow beautifully.


Bamboo also needs a special environment to grow in – which is why it won’t be very helpful to expose it to the scorching sun of an arid area.

Bamboo Grow In A Greenhouse

If you tend to it correctly, it won’t take long for bamboo to flourish gloriously – and you can use it for a great number of things.


No matter if they are spice plants or medicinal herbs, it’s very good to have them around in your greenhouse. No more stalking mint bushes in the wild or going on herb hunts. You can simply grow them yourself – and do so every season. Do you need fresh rosemary in mid-winter? No problem! Your greenhouse is just a few steps away!

Herbs Grow In A Greenhouse

Gourmet Mushrooms

Under the right conditions, mushrooms can grow practically anywhere. This fungus only needs humidity in the air – and a whole lot of water.

Mushrooms Grow In A Greenhouse

The problem is that, if you live in incredibly hot areas, you can wait all you want for the fungus to grow; they won’t even dare go past the hot air. This is why mushrooms are considered some of the best plants for greenhouse.


You probably never considered growing grapes in your greenhouse, but they are actually very well-suited.

Grapes Grow In A Greenhouse

If you give them enough love (and a fairly spacious greenhouse), you can grow some fairly beautiful grapes even in these conditions. Add a ventilator and a heater in the mix, and you’ll have a nice mid-winter harvest as well.


You’ll rarely see someone that doesn’t love strawberries. The problem is that, unless they have the right temperature, they won’t grow; that’s why you won’t see them unless it’s a certain season.

Strawberries Grow In A Greenhouse

The beauty of greenhouses, however, is that you can have complete control over a temperature and can get that right temperature – as long as you get the proper gear. This way, you can have fresh strawberries even though it is technically past their season.


Commonly known as “sage,” salvia is something that every gardener should try to add to their greenhouse. It’s simply a beautiful plant that seems to look perfect in a meadow or a designer’s garden.

Salvia Grow In A Greenhouse

Plus, it smells lovely too. It’s definitely one of the best plants to grow in a greenhouse.


In our opinion, these are the top best 12 plants to grow in a greenhouse. The beauty of greenhouses is, however, that you can be creative.

So you brought home a strange plant from some far corner of a tropical forest? Grow that too! With the right gear, everything can be grown in a greenhouse.

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