Flower House FHPH155 Greenhouse Review

Flower House FHPH155 Greenhouse Review

There are many people, especially ladies, who would love to seed and grow their own flowers in a space where they could enjoy them all year long. Until now, that was easier said than done.

First of all, flowers are extremely picky about their conditions. Second of all, exotic species may not thrive in a certain environment, even if it’s sunny outside. How can we make ends meet in this case?

Flower House FHPH155 PlantHouse 5

We can get our hands on the Flower House PlantHouse 5, of course. This can quickly fulfill any need you might have as a gardener. Let’s proceed with this review.

Introducing The Flower House PlantHouse 5

The PlantHouse 5 is the ultimate greenhouse from Flower House, following in the footsteps of 3 previous models. Being around the $100 range, one may say that it is a tad pricey for a greenhouse.

It might, but let me tell you from the start: it’s worth every penny. This is what you’ll get by ordering this product:

  • It’s made out of nylon (it’s not as flimsy as you’d think, so you can chill)
  • It is portable
  • UV resistant (all greenhouses are these days)
  • Quite large
  • It has 2 doors

It doesn’t look like much because it isn’t. The PlantHouse 5 doesn’t try to be anything else than what it is: a simple greenhouse for people with simple gardening needs.

While it is suitable, by excellence, for flowers, it can also be used for vegetables and plants. The greenhouse is a little larger than the photo makes you believe. If anything, that’s just another pro.

The Results

Due to the fact that the fabric facilitates the transit of light towards the plants, propagation will be stimulated. Consequently, your seeds will sprout a lot quicker. Because it stores sunlight (therefore warmth), it will serve people well during the cold seasons.

I’ve seen and talked to people that bought this specifically for use during nights with frost. The results were positive, to say the least. The greenhouse, unlike many others, has an open floor.

What does that have to do with anything? Well, it allows you to assemble it over obstacles like bushes, for instance. This also accounts for the fact that the humidity level in the greenhouse will always be optimal.

What Others Think

The Flower House PlantHouse 5 is among the best-rated greenhouses nowadays. Of all reviews I read, 90% of them were positive. The negative ones were related to the poor quality of the stitching.

Some people complained that the poles are actually too long for the overall length of the greenhouse. Because of this, it is stretched excessively and risks to tear. You can correct this (if you find it an issue) by shortening those poles.

The stitching, I can agree, is a little subpar, but this is something pretty much all greenhouses, regardless of manufacturers, are prone to. The reason for this is somewhat of a mystery still.

What We Like

Personally, what I like most about this is the design. It’s what I call “cute.” I purchased it for my wife so my house wouldn’t look like a rainforest.

She’s been using it ever since and is as happy about it as I am about the fact that I can walk without knocking some flower over. I think it’s very well made and perfect for growing a limited array of flowers, vegetables, and even fruit.

Flower House FHPH155 PlantHouse

Overall, this is a no-brainer. It is superbly designed and does its job well. To give you a hint of how sturdy this actually is, I’ve heard about people reporting it survived through ice storms, heavy rain and incredible wind.

What more could you possibly want from a greenhouse? Just make sure you anchor it properly. The last thing you want is to run through a storm to chase your greenhouse.

What We Don’t Like

Both my wife and I hate the zipper. It makes it so difficult to close the door. And I always apply some force, but immediately think I’m going to rip it apart, so I just end up lifting it gradually.

I think the zippers need some more work because they give this greenhouse a bad name. Back to the people complaining about how stretched this greenhouse is.

I don’t have a problem with the poles. I think it’s a good thing that the greenhouse is stretched. When it rains, there’s no risk of water pooling on the roof. But to each his own.

We have yet to use it during the cold season, but considering so many people used it already with good results, I’m not in the least worried that it might prove to be ineffective.

Buying Advice

Nowadays, shipping can cost as much as the item that’s been ordered by the customer. In this light, free shipping is almost like a discount. You can get it by ordering the Flower House from Amazon.

Flower House PlantHouse 5

Source: flowerhouses.com

What’s more, you can get it through Amazon Prime, so it’ll get to you a lot faster. Amazon also has the PlantHouse 4, 3 and 2, so maybe you want to take a look at those. They are the precursors of the product I’ve just reviewed for you.

My Verdict

Despite some obvious flaws, the Flower House PlantHouse 5 is a quite impressive greenhouse. It is a bit costly, but the high-quality of the material and the overall feasibility account for that.

I am all in for the open floor aspect of it because it does indeed facilitate the installation over obstacles that would otherwise prevent it. I think that the PlantHouse 5 could get better, but I wouldn’t throw it away as it is now either.

Highly recommended, particularly because it’s tall and really spacious. And it’s portable, which may be a crucial aspect for some people. If you don’t plan on cultivating too many veggies, then this is absolutely ideal for you.

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