Giantex Portable Greenhouse Review

Giantex Portable Greenhouse Review

I think we can all agree with what I’m about to put out there: portable greenhouses are so much better than the static ones. They can be moved around with the utmost of ease, and this can make a huge difference when the snow starts to fall.

Giantex Garden Portable Frame Greenhouse

Now, it can be difficult to find a portable greenhouse that doesn’t break down after two months of use or even less. Luckily, I stumbled upon the Giantex Portable Greenhouse, a little gem that stands out in a crowd of mediocre greenhouses.

Introducing The Giantex Portable Greenhouse

Giantex may very well be one of the most diverse companies in the world right now, particularly because they don’t sell only one category of products. They sell pretty much anything, from chairs to musical instruments.

They also have some great greenhouses. Their Giantex Portable Greenhouse is one such example. Coming with a price tag of around $100 and 4 available sizes, this greenhouse can easily surpass products from other well-established brands.

The greenhouse comes with the following specs:

  • Made with polycarbonate board and Fir Wood
  • Can hold up to three shelves (if tweaked a little)
  • Hinged roof
  • Wood frame
  • Door-locking system

The Giantex Portable Greenhouse is not your customary greenhouse, in the sense that it’s not made of thick plastic. It’s more of a closet that serves the same purpose with, we daresay, more efficiency.

The Results

The greatest perk of this greenhouse is its weight. You can move it around on your own, without needing any help. For those who live alone, this is an undisputable advantage.

I know that many people are somehow taken aback by its design. It doesn’t look much like a greenhouse. Anyhow, it does its job nonetheless. The shelves are deep so that they can accommodate a large array of plants or veggies.

Giantex Garden Portable Wooden Cold Frame Greenhouse

The construction is quite solid, despite it being all wood. It is also airtight, so it will always be warmer than the outside temperature. You know better than I do that this is what you want as a gardener.

At this point, this pays for itself.

What Other People Say

The Giantex Portable Greenhouse is a rather new product, and there are just a few reviews that can be consulted. From what I read, it appears that people are very pleased with their purchase.

The overall rating does not drop lower than 4 out of 5, which I think speaks for itself. This is what people like: the greenhouse being lightweight, its durable construction and how easy it is to put it together once shipped.

The greenhouse is simple, so there are no technicalities for customers to indulge in. What you see is what you get, and what you get is a fantastic greenhouse for the price. These are the words of those who have it.

What We Like

I think the fact that it comes in 4 sizes is a great feature. Just make sure you don’t get the smaller version when you wanted the largest. This cold frame product is nothing out of the ordinary, really.

I guess you could build one for yourself, but you’d be investing more money into it than what you’ve paid for it. What I like best about this is that I can make it better with half an hour of work.

I do recommend you do the same. If you need more space, just attach one more wooden rack. All in all, I think this is a good buy, and it will serve you well. The materials are high quality, so it is durable enough to get through the winter, no problem.

What We Don’t Like

Something in the design does not resonate with me. It is a little too bland for my taste. But then again, a greenhouse doesn’t need to be a fashion statement.

I think the design is the culprit in my thinking that this was too fragile to be worth it. It is not. Therefore I stand corrected. Even though it’s wood, it doesn’t break as quickly as you’d think.

Another issue – minor from my standpoint, but others might find it more serious – is the polycarbonate cover. I know for a fact that polycarbonate can be as flimsy as glass, especially when frozen.

It takes one bump, and you can say goodbye to it. If you’re cautious, however, that won’t happen. My biggest problem with this product is that it’s… misleading? I mean, it’s great and all, but it looks like it’s going to fall apart in a matter of seconds.

That won’t be of much help in the marketing campaigns of this brand. If you do buy it, you’ll see that your fears were groundless, though.

Buying Advice

You should know that the Giantex Portable Greenhouse’s retail price is almost $200. If you purchase it from Amazon, you’ll get a 46% off, which brings the price in the range of $100.

Giantex Garden Portable Wooden Cold Frame Greenhouse

And of course, you do get free shipping. All four sizes of this product come with price discounts, so you should consider purchasing it from Amazon. I can bet that you will have to pay the full price on other websites.


So, what else can I say about this greenhouse? On one hand, the product is great, but only when you have it in your hands. On the other hand, the presentation makes it look like it’s just a pile of flimsy wood.

I’m glad I purchased it, but I had some huge doubts initially, precisely because the product looked weak and perishable. If something could be done about that, I’d be 100% happy.

The Giantex Portable Greenhouse is a good acquisition for all gardeners and farmers, particularly those who plant only for family consumption. It’s not very large, so mass production is out of the question.

To wrap things up: yes, this greenhouse is worth it, despite its minor flaws. And again, don’t forget about the great deal you get on Amazon. It can save you approximately $90.

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