Quictent Portable Greenhouse Review

Quictent Waterproof Mini Cloche Greenhouse 1

Quictent has sold canopies, tents, greenhouses and other types of outdoor shelters for quite some time now. The company is quite famous in its homeland, the U.S., thanks to the quality of its products.

Quictent Portable Greenhouse

Source: quictents.com

The Quictent Waterproof Mini Cloche Greenhouse is a tiny greenhouse you can carry with you wherever you want. There are many aspects that make this a great buy for gardeners, and we will detail them all.

Introducing The Quictent Waterproof Mini Cloche Greenhouse

Even though you might think the price (less than $50) is equal to god-awful quality, this is one of those circumstances in which you realize you shouldn’t judge a book by its covers.

The Waterproof Mini Cloche Greenhouse (we’ll refer to it as MCG from now on) is a quite fantastic buy, due to being equipped with:

  • PVC Cover
  • UV protection
  • Steel frame
  • 2 zippers
  • Ropes used for strengthening the cover
  • Easy installation
  • Measurements: 71"WX 36"D X 36"H

There is no way I’m talking crazy when I say that having all of these for under $50 is almost too good to be true. Fortunately, it is as good as you would hope.

The Results

The MCG can be used both inside and outside. It is large enough to accommodate a wide array of flowers, plants and vegetables. The roof cover has two zipped dints in it that can be opened whenever you please.

If you’re tall enough, you can tend for some of the plants from the outside. Thanks to being almost 100% airtight, the MCG enhances the germination of the seeds you’ve planted. The warm air won’t leave the greenhouse, as it happens in so many other cases.

The cover is a little longer than you’d need it to be, but it serves a clear purpose: you can bury the surplus into the ground, to make the greenhouse even more airtight, as well as more secure.

What Everyone Says

The MCG got largely positive reviews. One of the reasons for this is that customers actually got what the company was advertising. The high quality of the greenhouse is on the lips of all those who have purchased this.

It is easy to assemble and keeps the warmth and moisture in, leading to a better germination. It also appears that the greenhouse is a bit larger than stated in the specs, which is a great thing, considering the price.

Quictent Portable Greenhouse

Source: quictents.com

Some people complained that it is not very durable and it could break down in less than one year. I’m sure that won’t happen with some periodic maintenance. The most painful thing about this is that it wasn’t made for all types of weather.

It’s great during the spring, summer and early autumn, but it’s not a good alternative during the summer. The materials are not resistant to frost, and the size of it doesn’t allow warmers to be installed.

What We Like

It would be madness not to say that the price is what makes this greenhouse a fantastic buy. The features, too, are not to be taken for granted. I think there are more expensive greenhouses that do not have the features this one has.

Personally, I find it elegant. I know this sounds a little far-fetched when talking about something as mundane as a greenhouse, but this is the way I see it.

Of course, the fact that it is portable is yet another perk that appeals to me. If you live in a place with harsh winters, you can disassemble it and store it until the next spring with the utmost of ease.

If you take a look at the advertisement, you’ll see that the company made the ideal uses of this greenhouse clear. As long as you don’t use it for something else, it will always be as good as it was when you ordered it.

What We Don’t Like

At this point, we feel like the quality of this product could be revamped. I know it’s a lot to ask when the price is so low, but it’s just an idea. Moreover, this is not suitable for environments with high winds.

It is anchored well enough, but it still does not have what it takes to withhold a gust of wind with more than 20 mph. Apart from, I daresay, minor drawbacks, the Quictent MCG is a good purchase for those who are not extremely picky about their greenhouses.

If you need a larger, professional greenhouse, this is clearly not the way to go. Keep searching for another product or read the other reviews I’ve written for some nice brands worth considering.

Buying Advice

Due to shopping on a tight budget more often than not, I always aim towards free shipping. In some cases, I save tens of dollars. Luckily, Amazon was there to fulfill my request.

Quictent Portable Greenhouse

Source: quictents.com

Amazon also allows you to choose expert assembly if you feel like you cannot install it on your own (which you can, believe me). The cost of this help is unbelievable and unrealistic. I wouldn’t advise you to choose it.

Even if it takes you a while, you can trust me when I say that you can – without a doubt – assemble it yourself.


This is probably one of the cheapest greenhouses you can get. Its price is simply unmatched. The quality somehow leaves a good deal to be desired, but you can’t really expect some high-tech greenhouse for $50.

All in all, this is a great pick for a person who wants to grow a limited crop of plants/flowers or vegetables. It’s large enough to provide food for an entire family. You should not forget that this is intended for use during the summer.

I honestly don’t think it would be feasible during the winter. It saves you from some costly landscaping which, if you cultivate only during the summer, doesn’t make any real sense. All things considered, this is worth its money and provides some decent quality.

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