Taking A Look At What To Grow In A Greenhouse During Winter?

Taking A Look At What To Grow In A Greenhouse During Winter?

During the springtime, you can expect greenhouses to be a magical place that’s home to an abundance of colorful vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

You can't forget about the summertime when you have to prop open the greenhouse roof vents and doors, so you're able to pick the cucumbers and tomatoes that are calling your name.

Whenever people picture a greenhouse, they always imagine a colorful place that’s always somehow in existence during those two seasons. People always seem to forget that a greenhouse doesn’t go away when winter time comes rolling around.

Winter greenhouse.

In fact, a greenhouse requires your utmost care and attention during the wintertime because that is when it can sustain heavy damage to the point that it won't be functional for the incoming spring and summer seasons.

What Happens During The Winter Time?

Any herbs and potted plants you may have left in your greenhouse in the winter time will end up clustering together to preserve as much warmth as they can.

Those cucumbers that were ready for consumption during the summertime will appear to be brown and leafless vines that'll hang across the greenhouse roof. Any spinach or kale that are available will have been over-picked, and the seeds you'll have planted will be patiently waiting to grow.

Now you can make the most out of your greenhouse during those harsh winter months if you adhere to the advice that we’re about to give you below.

What To Do With Greenhouse During Winter?

A greenhouse in winter can still be an effective place; you just have to equip yourself with the knowledge to make the most out of your situation.

Regardless of whether or not your greenhouse is attached to your garage or your house, it’ll need some form of heat source to thrive. You also need to remember that providing an adequate amount of light is just as important as ensuring a heat source.

If you had plans of providing your family fresh vegetables all year around, you'd be sad to hear that it'll take a lot of effort on your part to make any vegetable growth happen during the winter time in a greenhouse.

Trying to accomplish a successful winter gardening greenhouse in temperatures that measure to be below freezing can be extremely difficult. Even with the help of germination mat, you could still fail.

Clean Out Your Greenhouse

Other than trying to use your greenhouse for winter growing, you could do something more effective that’ll come in handy for the upcoming spring and summer months. That’s right- you could clean out your greenhouse.

You can use the winter time to adequately clean up any leftovers from the summer and fall harvest season. You'll want to clean up your greenhouse before the snow starts to fall because once that snow hits the ground, it'll become impossible to clean anything out of it effectively.

When we say fully clean out your greenhouse, we mean that you remove any organic material that could be left from the previous harvest. You'll also want to scrub as well as disinfect both the equipment and the walls inside your greenhouse.

Man cleaning a greenhouse.

This is also an excellent chance to thoroughly look at every mechanism in your greenhouse and make sure that you address any maintenance needs. You'll want to either replace or repair any parts before the snow sets in.

By ensuring the internal mechanisms of your greenhouse are solid, you can rest assured that you have a functioning greenhouse from when the outside temperature begins to drop below zero.

Other than trying to set up your greenhouse for the upcoming spring and summer months, you can make the most out of your greenhouse during the winter time as well.

Keep reading for some tips regarding how to heat up your greenhouse during the winter time as well as recommended vegetables to grow during the winter months.

How To Heat Your Greenhouse During Winter?

For those who live in extremely cold climates, you may need to take extra precautionary measures towards insulating your greenhouse. This ensures that your plants remain as warm as possible, so the outside cold does not affect their well-being.

Even though an immense amount of sun will filter through your greenhouse during the daytime, you can’t expect it to remain that warm when night time comes around.

In fact, if your greenhouse is uninsulated, you run the risk of having your plants freeze overnight the first instance that the temperature reaches below freezing.

A solution to this issue comes in the form of a heating system.


You should consider investing in an electric circuit heater that has a voltage measuring around 220-volts. Another option that may suffice is a small oil heater or gas heater, but these require a more thorough installation process.

To install a gas or oil heater, you have to set them up through a masonry wall, so you'll most likely need a professional to do this for you.

If none of the options above grab your attention, then you can opt out to use solar heaters. Solar heaters are uniquely designed just for greenhouses so that you won't run into any issues using them as a heat source.

Heat Lamps

You can also decide on installing radiant heat lamps along with soil heating cables, which are a more cost-effective method of keeping your plants warm during those harsh winter months.

You’ll have to hang radiant heat lamps over your plants to have them positively affect your plants. When you combine the warmth emitted from both the radiant heat lamps and the soil heating cables, you have a higher chance of growing a successful winter harvest.

As a side note, so your greenhouse does not burn down, you need to make sure that whatever heating system you decide on using comes built with an automatic shut off feature.

No Fuel Necessary Heating Tip

You can take additional measures to ensure your plants stay warm by placing rocks inside your greenhouse to absorb the heat of the sun. This heat will them get absorbed by your plants during the winter evenings.

What To Grow During Winter?

If you’re wondering as to what is a friendly vegetable to grow during the winter time in your greenhouse, we have compiled a list for you to use as a guide. Keep in mind that these are not the only options you should limit yourself to.

List Of Recommended Winter Time Greenhouse Vegetables

  • check
    Broad Beans
  • check
    Early-pull Carrots
  • check
    Salad Leaves (Kale)
Broad beans.


You now have enough sufficient information regarding greenhouses in winter that “how to use a greenhouse in winter?” is no longer a question you’ll have.

In fact, you should feel at ease setting up your greenhouse for the harsh winter months to come and still have some vegetables at the end of it all.

If you have questions or comments, you should leave them below. We will make sure to answer any questions you may have in full detail.

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